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How and why does CHS Container Trade B.V. personal data?

CHS Container Trade B.V. collects personal data in the performance of its work. In most cases, this concerns data that it requests from the data subject or that the data subject provides on its own. Think of a first telephone conversation between CHS Container Trade B.V. and a (potential) customer or the situation that a (potential) customer sends an email to CHS Container Trade B.V ..

When processing personal data, CHS Container Trade B.V. proceed as carefully as possible. Transparency is an essential part of this care. CHS Container Trade B.V. considers it important that third parties and data subjects have insight into the way in which they use personal data and the reasons behind it. That is why she has drawn up this statement. If you have any questions or comments after reading this Statement, you can contact CHS Container Trade B.V. Of course, this also applies if you would like to exercise one of the rights described below or if you have a complaint. The full address and name of the contact person can be found at the bottom of this statement.

Who is CHS Container Trade B.V. exactly?

CHS Container Trade B.V. counts as the person responsible for processing the personal data. She is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 20167437, located at Bunschotenweg 131 in Rotterdam, reachable on telephone number + 31 (0) 88 422 66 90 and by mail at info@chs-containerhandel.nl.

Has CHS Container Trade B.V. a Data Protection Officer?

CHS Container Trade B.V. has not appointed a Data Protection Officer. She has appointed an employee who is the first point of contact when it comes to privacy and personal data. This concerns Mrs. H. den Broeder. The full address can be found at the bottom of this statement.

Which personal data does CHS Container Trade B.V. and why does she do that?

CHS Container Trade B.V. processes different types of personal data for various reasons. The data that they process the most are:

  • Identification data (name, address, contact person, telephone number, Chamber of Commerce number)
  • Location data (postal and / or business address)
  • Financial information (bank account number, payment information).

If you visit the website of CHS Container Trade B.V. visits, it also processes other data than indicated above. This can include:

  • Information about the device, location, software usage and the like.

The first main purpose of this processing is to be able to establish an agreement with the customer. To do this, CHS Container Trade B.V. and the customer can communicate with each other. Consider, for example, making an inventory of the wishes of the customer and drawing up an offer.

The second main objective is to be able to implement the agreement concluded. Consider, for example, periodic consultations on progress.

The third main objective is to enable invoicing of the work and / or services, as well as to facilitate payment (and, if necessary, collection).

The fourth main goal is to carry out marketing activities with the aim of getting more customers or acquiring greater brand awareness.

The final main objective is to be able to inform the customer about developments that may be relevant to him or her.

Mág CHS Container Trade B.V. that process data?

CHS Container Trade B.V. processes personal data if that is necessary to establish or execute an agreement with a customer and / or supplier. This is the case, for example, when a quote is requested, when an order is placed or when CHS Container Trade B.V. place an order yourself. Furthermore, CHS Container Handel B.V. personal data if its own interests justify it. That will be the case if it is for CHS Container Trade B.V. it is not reasonably possible to carry out its work without processing that data. Finally, CHS Container Handel asks B.V. in some cases (also) permission to use the data. The legal basis (s) for processing are therefore

  1. that processing is necessary for the performance of an agreement to which the person concerned is a party, or is done at the request of the person concerned for the conclusion of an agreement.
  3. That processing is necessary for the protection of the legitimate interests of CHS Container Trade B.V. (or a third party)
  5. That the person concerned has given permission for the processing

With regard to category (2), it applies